transitioning from elementary to middle school
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transitioning from elementary to middle school

When it is time for your child to transition out of the elementary school into a middle school, what can you do to make the transition a little easier for your son or daughter? How can you help your child learn his or her way around the school? What can you do to help him or her adapt to the larger building and more independent learning methods that typically start in middle school? My third son is about to transition into middle school this coming school year and I am not nearly as worried as I was with my older two. Now, I have the information I need to help him get through the transition with ease. Visit my blog to learn everything you need to know to help your child.

transitioning from elementary to middle school

Top 5 Ways To Afford Private School On A Budget

Ella Morris

Public school is not always the best fit for a child. However, many families feel a private education is out of reach due to the cost. After parents sit down and take a look at what is best for their child, they can then work on a financial solution. There are a few different ways to afford a private school when on a budget. 

Payment Plans

Most private schools offer the option to pay the tuition amount in full, or by utilizing a 10-month payment plan. After breaking down the full amount into monthly payments, the school then becomes more affordable. 

State Voucher Programs

Check to see if your state participates in a voucher program. Many states, such as Florida, Ohio, and Oklahoma have vouchers for low-income families to be used toward private school tuition. 

Work/Volunteer Discount

Ask the private school you'd like to have your children attend if there is any work or volunteer discounts. Some schools will reduce the tuition cost if a parent comes in once a week to help with a few office tasks, or if a parent agrees to volunteer throughout the year to assist with special events. 

Private Scholarships

There are a ton of private scholarships children can apply for to help bring down the overall cost of private middle school education. Some of these scholarships are based on religious affiliations, while others are strictly merit-based. Others are given to low-income families. The school should have a list, but, if they don't, your local librarian can help you find the scholarships your child should apply for. 

Family Aid

Take the time to discuss your child's education with other members of your extended family. You may find a few family members are willing to help by providing some financial assistance. Use this in conjunction with the other methods mentioned above to reduce your yearly tuition cost. Then, when the final total is divided up into a 10-month payment plan, you may just find the figure is something you can definitely afford. 

In addition to the above mentioned aids, many schools offer a reduced rate for any additional children that also attend the school. So your oldest child may have a tuition of $4,000, but your second child's might only be $3,500. Always talk with the school's financial aid office before making a decision to enroll because there is usually more help out there than you realize. To learn more about available finance options, contact a private K-12 like Country Day School.