transitioning from elementary to middle school
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transitioning from elementary to middle school

When it is time for your child to transition out of the elementary school into a middle school, what can you do to make the transition a little easier for your son or daughter? How can you help your child learn his or her way around the school? What can you do to help him or her adapt to the larger building and more independent learning methods that typically start in middle school? My third son is about to transition into middle school this coming school year and I am not nearly as worried as I was with my older two. Now, I have the information I need to help him get through the transition with ease. Visit my blog to learn everything you need to know to help your child.

transitioning from elementary to middle school

Learning More About The Social And Emotional Learning (SEL) Teaching Methods

Ella Morris

If you're a teacher who is looking to help your students maximize their potential, it's important that you take the time to find new and different ways to reach them. This is particularly important when it comes to K-12 education since these formative years are the building blocks that kick start their educational lives and eventually their professional lives. Many teachers in these grades are looking into new and different options like social and emotional learning (SEL) methods. In this article, you will learn more about SEL, why it is beneficial, and how you can incorporate this style into your lesson plan.

What exactly is social and emotional learning?

First, you need to get to know the social and emotional learning style and how it can be useful. In essence, SEL refers to a learning style that focuses on helping your students develop holistic qualifies like empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence, and community orientation. It features foundational building blocks that revolve around relationship skills, social awareness, healthy and responsible decision-making skills, self-awareness, and self-management. More school systems and teachers are turning to these methods because of the human qualities that it teaches and the fact that it helps your students grow into well-rounded individuals.

What are the benefits of social and emotional learning?

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to the SEL teaching style. Students that learn under these methods often are better behaved in the classroom, are better adjusted, achieve higher marks throughout the school year, and have less emotional distress. This sets students up for a successful academic career, along with having an impact on the surrounding community as a whole. Many teachers eventually deal with students that have trauma or issues at home, so teaching them these important emotional skills can be more of a lifesaver than you know.

How can you maximize your social and emotional learning teaching methods?

The best thing you can do is get some training on this teaching style and look into some SEL curriculum lesson plans. In doing this, you will be able to go through the checklist and make sure that you are imparting the most important details to your students. You'll be able to stay on task throughout the school year while becoming more adept at these methods.

Use these tips and get in touch with some educational professionals that can teach you more. Ask them about SEL lesson plans